In the studio, “from scratch” created a brand of Moldovan wines of Impresario. The new wine project is focused on consumers of high-quality wines outside of Moldova and is intended to acquaint them with the original wine assemblages, including from native Moldovan grape varieties. The brand name proposed in the studio – Impresario, accurately reflects the positioning of the company, whose strategy is to search for wines and wine materials little known to the general public and to create on their basis bright and unforgettable assemblages of the highest quality. Just as the impresario discovers new talents in the field of art, the Impresario brand finds first-class wines, creating unique blends from them. In addition to the name, a brand logo was created with the “Professional Connoiseur” subscript. The face of the brand has become the image of a noble mature man, whose eyes are hidden behind the brim of a hat, like an impresario, who is behind the scenes, while his charges shine on the stage. Designed in the studio image labels, which are both key brand messages – Expertly Selected and Created with Passion, Compiled with Taste are used as design elements of the lower half of the label. In general, the unity of the name, image, key messages and label design principles form a clear and complete picture of the perception of the Impresario brand.