The Parketny Dvor company was founded in 2005 and initially specialized in the sale of parquet flooring in Moldova. Over time, the company not only acquired new partners from world-famous suppliers, but also significantly expanded its scope of activities. Now she is engaged in her own production of furniture, doors, stairs, various panels using innovative technologies from the best materials on a wooden base.

The task was to radically rebrand the Parketny Dvor company – in accordance with the current status of the company and the potential for its further development, including with regard to promotion in foreign markets. The studio came up with a new name – “PARKE”, short, memorable, non-standard for the industry and at the same time understandable in all markets. For customers who already have experience working with the company, the new name, among other things, symbolizes continuity with the previous brand name.

The “PARKE” logo is an example of the harmony of technology and aesthetics. Stylish and discreet, it motivates creative thinking and at the same time demonstrates professional confidence – qualities inherent in the customer company.