Chateau Denovie is a Moldovan winery, with the history that goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. Then, in 1822, German settlers founded one of the earliest wineries in the southern part of Bessarabia, in the Prut valley. History has preserved the name of that person, Ignaz Lindl, a Catholic priest who became one of the pioneers of winemaking in this region. Today, the Chateau Denovie winery has 350 hectares of vineyards divided into separate parcels that encircle several villages in the south of Moldova. The variety of terroirs, the diversity of grape varieties and other factors allowed the company to create premium-level wines worthy of the testament of wine-making ancestors. In our studio the great, interesting work on creating a brand identity for Chateau Denovie has been done. A logo was created, the concise and royal one, since Lindl received the right to settle, according to legend, from the emperor Alexander I. The autograph of the founder of the historic wine industry confirms the authenticity of branded materials. Unique branded textures are used in the design of a wide variety of materialsб from gift boxes to presentation stands. The brand’s style is recognizable and at the same time diverse, which creates excellent opportunities for its promotion in a variety of situations in different markets.